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October 06, 2006


Pass the Torch

Very cute;) As was your comment on my site. Thanks! If you'll notice, my photos were all of "behinds" as well. It's because I can't keep up AND take the darn pictures!


I get a kick out of coming to your site and reading the things your 3 yr old says!


Mike, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the nice words :)

Your 3 year old sounds just like mine LOL

I'm so glad you dropped by my blog so that I could find yours :) Will be back to visit often and I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Have a wonderful day,


Wow. I wish I would have known about that book with my oldest. She was very shy, but luckily has grown out of it!! I wonder if it will work with my 24 year old brother who still hides in his bedroom?? LOL.


Hi Mike,
Ever rent a movie without really knowing what its about, but since it has that shiny gold sticker announcing that it is an Emmy Winner you take it anyways, then once you've invited your friends over for a good time and ya'll have settled in you come to realize that this is just about the most depressing thing you've watched in like..ever?!
Yeah so that was me tonight and in a desperate effort to get all the sad and gory images out of my mind, I flipped open my lappy and hit the blogs. And like a charm after reading about the "psst, psst" poop thing well I was chuckling and as I read over the rest of your blog, I was guffawing!

Thanks! I needed that!


I love reading the things your three year old says. It always puts a smuile onm y face.
Thanks for commenting on my 100th post.


Ok, your blog is freaking hilarious! Seriously, I am dying over here. I will have to share this with my husband who is also a stay at home dad. He will totally relate!


sounds like a good book

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