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March 18, 2008


The Estrogen Files

LOL!! These are the unwritten rules around here, too. Screaming included. I can't WAIT for spring mud to pass.



the most fun is hiding though and then being too anxious and nervous to see whether the counting person is finding you, therefore popping out of position and as a result giving away where you are.


I love playing it with my little one. It's a non-stop scream-giggle fest;)


hehe so it is not just mine that yells and giggles so loud that finding her is a snap!

Overwhelmed With Joy!

Oh this is SO true! My son does all 3 things. And when it's his turn to count, he only counts to 5 and then starts looking. It doesn't give us much time to find a decent hiding place! :)

Great illustration!

Aimee G

I'm glad you stopped by my blog, I never reset my RSS feeds when I switched to a laptop and I had forgotten how funny your posts are!


hahaha, what have i learned about hide and seek with 4 little ones? Well, the person hiding jumps out and says "I'm hiding here!!!" Before screaming and giggling!!

melody is slurping life

No one hits the important stuff like you, Mike. :)


My son uses the dog to help him find people because the dog always can.

It's sort of cheating, don't you think? ;-)


TOtally agree! Kids just love the thrill don't they!


Yes!! It's all about the screaming isn't it?!

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