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July 21, 2009



It is hard to grow up without one of your parents. God definitely knows how to answer prayers!

Muthering Heights

I'm sorry that yo never knew your father...but it sounds like you are a great one yourself!


I am sorry you didn't get to know your dad. My dad died almost two years ago and is now with the Lord. I have to say that if I saw him right now I, too, would be bald!

My husband's dad died right before I got pg and he really missed him after my son was born, as he finally understood what it was to be a dad.


I always think that it's difficult to be a dad without a role model. But you seem to be doing very good in such role. On second thoughts, even those who grow up with a dad, it doesn't guarantee that he could learn how to be a husband and dad. Keep going!


I was fortunate to grow up with an awesome daddy. He died 20 years ago and I still think of him daily and miss him alot.

Butterfly Mama

I can feel the void you have through your writing. I know that God always answers our prayers, just not always how we thing it should be answered at the time.


i think ... it's a good thing God often doesn't answer our prayers the way we ask. oft times i don't understand why it's a good thing, but i just have to trust and believe that He is God ... and i am not.

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