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September 04, 2009



They're lovely!


Very cute. The "Thanks" one is my favorite.

I was able to flip through the pages, but clicking on the numbers sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. When it worked, the site flipped through a bunch of pages first - it seems like you should be able to click on the number of a drawing and go directly there?


They are so good! I especially liked the Great Pumpkin one.

sara - The Estrogen Files

Cute! Love the flip book look.


Very Nice! I love "reading on a Leaf"!


Superb! I love what you've done, esp Feeling Proud...

melody is slurping life

Funtabulous illustrations! Going to flip through again now.


I love your work. Can't wait to see more!

Aunt LoLo

They're LOVELY! I tweeted the link for your photography page. :-) (@Aunt_LoLo)


LOVE them! If this little bean in my belly is boy flavored, I think I'll order one to put on his wall. We'll find out soon..


I very much enjoyed looking at the illustrations and like how you combine different types of media.


I LOVE THEM ALL! You have a wonderful talent. Good luck with all that you aspire to achieve!


Great sketches! I think they'd make cute greeting cards or stamps!


I can't find your banana slide anywhere. I love that one! Are all the older ones for sale as well?

Geri C

Oh my gosh!! Love your stuff! I may have to hire you to help me redesign my Boymom blog! I see my boys in your drawings!


wow your work is so cute and your talent is overflowing. These would be so amazing in a child's bedroom. I think that you should do everything you can to market this to the world. There is just something so refreshing in your illustrations.



Really fun skeches! I will visit your site again when I'm at my desktop and can see them properly. Thank you so much for viviting my blog and for leaving a comment!


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