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September 18, 2009


Muthering Heights

What a coincidence...I blogged about first grade as well!

Liz C.

LOL...I've never heard of the arm touching the ear thing...interesting.

1st grade was a big year for me....I remember doing a book report on a princess book - a class mother got mad at me when I didn't want to wear the stupid paper dress she made for me over my pretty dress my mom bought me.

I remember my best friend Tina - she was awesome but moved away later in that year.


I remember that i got chicken pox but that it erupted unusually, so the docs said it was a "rash" until 2/3rds of the rest of the class & my sis & cousin contracted chicken pox.

I remember i didn't like the monitor who watched the class at the end of the day. I threw a paper wad at her & got a smack as a result.

I remember admiring how graceful the high school girls were. They would stand up & wait for the bus to stop for them. So i tried it one day. The bus driver didn't see me stand (it was customary to go to the front & wait for the stop there) & so he went past my stop. I didn't get home until an hour later.

I sure enjoy your site & artwork, Mike. :)

Mommie Daze

I remember that I got in trouble for talking in class all the time. Back then it was still OK for the teacher to tape your mouth shut with masking tape. That happened to me on more than a few occasions in first grade. I'm sure she'd be fired today if she tried to that.


First off, thanks for visiting my blog!

Ah, first grade. I remember:

1. How "cool" my teacher Mrs. Noyes was and how she always had a funky necklace to match her outfit.

2. I remember having chicken pox over Halloween, but Mrs. Noyes sent home ALL of the fun games/pictures for me to do at home so I wouldn't miss out because I was home scratching while everyone else paraded around the school in their costumes.

3. I remember sitting in line in the cafeteria on the floor after school EVERY DAY waiting for our bus to get there (bus #16, the number was on brown paper). Thankfully I got to wait with my best friend, or the wait would have been awful. It was at least 10 minutes late every day - literally.


I didn't go to first grade. I was "homeschooled" but it was more of an "unschooled" experience. Three things I remember:

1. Helping my grandpa sell corn on the highway

2. Playing in our sandbox

3. Going to Sunday School at church and the other kids telling me they could read upside down. Oddly enough, it didn't bother me at all that they were mocking my inability to read.


Hi Mike - you commented on my blog so I came over here to check yours out. I'm currently transplanted from Seattle to the London outskirts. Anyway, your kids seem fantastic and your photographys is quite amazing!! I really enjoyed what I've seen so far.


I like this... My memory... my first crush - Michael Thomas. I remember walking into class for the first time... he looked, he waved and whispered, "Hi Jenny!". My 6 year old self melted. I thought he look just like Elvis... thankyouverymuch.


That's a funny memory. The only memory I have is my mom being mad at me because I always forget to bring my things home eg my water bottle, mouldy 4 days old half eaten sandwich and cardigans. I have bad memory to start with.


A little boy from the classroom across the hall came to my class and called me up to the front. It was valentines day. He brought me a heart-shaped box of chocolate and flowers, then asked me to marry him. I was humiliated and walked away empty handed. I don't even remember his name. I feel bad for him now:(


I can't remember a thing from 1st grade but I do remember the day in third grade that I got to 'teach' a lesson plan I prepared. (each student got a day to teach a lesson) - I can still remember the "ditto" (as we called them back then) - that I created which included math and then a cartoon I drew.

This small thing still sticks with me!

You and your buddy were quite the entrepreneurs ;-)


I remember sitting behind a kid who spit a lot. =) Luckily I only had a problem with it when he turned around.



I remember being taught the Hookielau by Mrs. Demerest. I still remember how to do the dance and how to sing it.

I remember having a contest with Scott (can't remember his last name) to see who could read first and finish the work the quickest.


I can still smell my form teacher's perfume! She was big, bespectacled with a loud, booming voice! And my Nimmy textbook!

Big Pumpkin

I remember being really sick and puking all over school whilst waiting for Mom to pick me up - everyone had gone home and she was late!

I remember doing friend's homework for money.

I remember always missing the bus - obviously a bad bus driver who kept getting a 7 year old kid left behind at school!


oh, I only remember 1 thing, my frist grade teacher was trying to force me to use my right hand in writing bec i'm lefty but obviously,she didn't succeed. lol!

wedding favors

Hahah! i have fun reading this post. Let me share this to you. When i was in grade one, i felt the first butterflies in my stomach everytime i see him..

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