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August 31, 2006




That is great! I hope my kid is as clever



You mean they go through it again again down the road? My 9 month old has just started crying when I leave, and as normal as I know this is, it's driving me insane. I hate that there's nothing I can do about it. I know it'll pass. But the thought of them going through it again makes me sigh heavily. I guess it'll be easier since you can explain things to them. Now when I say, "Mommy will be right back" he laughs b/c he understands the mommy part, and then cries b/c he also understands the me putting him down and leaving part.

Alina Phoenix

You know ... when they're young, the time passes so quickly. Before you know it, he's in school and you're wondering how he got so big. They never understand when we can't be there. I'm lucky I didn't work when mine were little. Part of me is glad to be working now because it was so hard to do full time mommy-mode ... but i also miss when they were little and I was there all the time. Can't win them all!

Wishing you many precious moments with your little ones!


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