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September 28, 2006


Pass the Torch


In fact, still laughing out loud!

Okay, you made my day. Thanks!


Ok that was too funny! Kids just say the darndest things don't they?!

thanks for checking out my Tuesday Treasure on books! Glad to see so many other families out there enjoy a good book now and then!


I couldn't stop laughing. I needed that to help wake me up.

You have to love the things kids say.

Thanks for stopping by.


Oh man. I am so totally snorting my pop over here...


How funny is that? Kids are so observant! Thanks for stopping by!


Oh my word! This is TOO funny! I am so sharing this! So, I guess they have chez whiz in Mexico City, but not here . . . go figure. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)


I love how kids observe things you do not realize. This will be a fun memory for a long time!

Mine likes to take his wipes and clean everything in the house with them. He does not know they are just for his hiney.


OH My GOSH!! Holding my sides and almost rolling on the floor with laughter. Out of the mouth of babes.... Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I appreciate it!


Love the psst-psst!!
Thanks for stopping by!


lol that's hilarious! :-)


HOW did I miss this post???? Hysterical..and even funnier, b/c I can see my 3 year old saying the same thing!

I'm really enjoying your blog!


too funny...I'm gonna get in trouble at work if I keep hanging out here...oh, well...what's a little trouble for laughs like these?!


That was too funny

The Estrogen Files

ROTFL!! I finally found time to click in your sidebar! What a treat!


LOL! At least he knows how to make the bathroom smell good! Just make sure that the next time you visit the zoo that he doesn't try to bring along some perfume or air freshener!


Clever kid! I've always wondered why the penguin house at Sea World stinks to high heaven, also.

Love your artwork, BTW.


PSST-PSST is my word for the day! Very interesting and smart kid you got, tells a lot about the parents! I am going to be a fan - life's small stories captured. Thanks.


HAHA! Wish I will have kids as smart as yours.

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