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  • My name is Mike. I love being a stay-at-home parent because, most of the time, I have no idea what I'm doing. Each day, I'm learning something new, I think (or I hope).

    >> Why do penguins stink?
    >> Cough, colds and the dentist
    >> Separation Anxiety?

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February 19, 2008


Karla ~ Looking Towards Heaven

gee Mike... this sounds so familiar to me... hmmm... wonder why...


I hear (and say) this daily!!



such a hard concept to learn


You and me both dearie!


Since I'm one of those expecting a 2nd child; thanks for the lesson! :)

Pass the Torch

Isn't THAT true!! Totally!


Uh oh. Will have to keep that in mind.


lol been there, done that! BTW, it doesn't end no matter how old they are

ps thanks for the comment on my blog :)


I always enjoy your stories. Very cute. I'm sure I have this to look forward too with two little boys!

The Estrogen Files

grin!!! That so sounds like our house. Patience is a virtue and I ain't been blessed by that too much...

Twisted Cinderella

LOL I guess I have this to look forward too.

chesca (exskindiver)

hi mike,
it's been a while.
just stopped in to see how you are doing.
loved your grumpy anecdote.

chesca (exskindiver)

hi mike,
it's been a while.
just stopped in to see how you are doing.
loved your grumpy anecdote.


When they FINALLY learn to share the *right* way, you want them to stop, 'cause they start sharing things like colds, and the flu (can you tell what is happening in my house right now?!?)....


Thanks for all the things I have to look forward to......


Haylee's Gifts

LOL, too funny, but my 19 month old is the one to take charge over my 3 year old!!! She is a very independent little girly

Michelle in Mx

How did you hear this from our house today? Huh?!?!LOL


You forgot the end of the conversation where both kids say in unison, "WHY"? LOL!



That's exactly how it is.

I cringe when I hear myself snap at them, Be patient!!

Now they're old enough to say things like, Mom, you're being mean to me.



does sarcasm work with...you kids? Does it really?? LOL!
What is your secret?!

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