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May 27, 2008



Darn , he figured out my password as well!


He is a little smarty-pants! and very observant! :)


haha. very smart!


Had a similar thing happen with a niece!
But she said "stars, stars.."
They are watching more closely than we think :)


Ha ha! Now we know your password too.

Michelle in Mx


The Estrogen Files

(grin)! Gotta love those kids! Smart cookies, every one.

beth - total mom haircut

Ha! I actually got nervous there for a second and wondered what horrible thing had been done to your computer.


Teeheehee! What a cutie. My ten year old keeps figuring out my passwords. I need to not type while he is in the same room.

Overwhelmed With Joy!

What a smart boy he is! :) My passwords are so easy that even my 3 year old could figure them out if he wanted to.

Twisted Cinderella

LOL that is too smart!


I love this. :) I love his self-assurance. He was so certain that he knew it. :) That's adorable.

Karen - Surviving Motherhood

Not only is your little guy observant, he also got me to laugh out loud with that one!
And now, you really should change your password. You know, now that you've published it on the internet and all. *grin*

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