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July 10, 2008



In my experience, most guys never really do outgrow the jokes about poop and farting. He must be way ahead of the game!


Very cute! In my experience of teaching 8th graders, the poop and fart jokes definitely are not something that most guys outgrow.


aww they grow up so fast!


Happy Birthday to your nearly 3 year old

Our Little Man put himself onto the time out chair today when I discussed it with My Home Schooler (12) he said hed seen it done on a parenting programme and thought it was cool LOL very similar to how your son use to feel :)


hehehehehe ;)

Raven L

I love your blog! Hooray for you dad!


That's a sure sign that he will bring loads of laughs in years to come! Hooray for laughs!!

Karen@Surviving Motherhood

So your almost-three-year-old has moved past poop and farting for joke topics?
Oh, dear. My eight and ten-year-olds are sooooo far behind schedule! LOL

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