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August 05, 2008



so how did your 3-year old respond to that?


When my 2 yr old said, "I got it first!" My 4 yr old told her "No, gloating Mim!" and my 2 yr old said, "But it's fun to gloat!"

MJ Tam

When my then 6 year old said he has has to run fast for the bathroom because he has to do the #2, my 3 year old exclaimed "Well, I have to do the #6!" LOL


Great! My soon to be four year old is SO competitive. It's so crazy!


That's very clever of him!


That's very diplomatic of your 5 year old. He'll be a great example to the younger one :)


long time haven't visited your blog. Your boys remain so cute as I could remember. very lovely comments from your boys!

melody is slurping life

Oh well, I'm good with his hmmm moment LOL.

Janet Summit

my personal favorite was coming into my house after doing errands, and realizing my two oldest sons were fist-fighting (loudly) in the living room. As I entered, the first one said, "I know, Mom, I know. I'm the only one who can choose whether I get angry or not. But I'm choosing to be angry!" The second one meekly piped up, "Me too."

We have focused a lot in our house about how we are responsible for our own actions due to our own emotions. I just chuckled and went to another room.

They fought quietly for a few more minutes and then left the room. I never heard any more about the incident.

They got it.

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