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April 16, 2009


Liz C.

Ok..how about all three!! I love your artwork, your style is so fun!! I can't wait to hear more about your book!


My favs are giggle, surprised and reading. Amazing talent!


I love your sketches!! I floss once every 3-4 years, the morning of my dentist appointment.


Hahaha! Unfortunately there's nothing that'll get us up off the couch, is there? Well, maybe if it's burning, lol!

Loved the guilty one, I remember seeing that one alot on my boys' faces. And what is it with boys and boogers anyway?


too funny! great sketches too :O) thanks for stopping by!


Hey Mike,
You know, I can't decide...I like all of your sketches. My 4 year old daughter is sitting in my lap and thinks they are all "pretty" as well. :) But if I must choose 3 then I choose: reading, rejoice, and guilty.


Hi there! Great blog you have here... and you're a very talented artist. I love 'surprised'. I wish you a lot of luck and success with your book! My mom is a professional artist and her work was recently used on the cover of a children's book as well as on the cover for an education book for the World Bank. I'm a writer myself, and would love to write a children's book one day... I'm a mom of 2 boys - a 3 and a half year old, and a 1 year old. They keep me busy!


"Reach Out"
Oh, just three?
I'm contemplating taking a class on writing Children's Literature. Your sketches are so adorable. My mom is visiting from out-of-state and saw them over my shoulder just now and exclaimed, "Ooh, what are those?" She loved them, too.:)


Great sketches!

I like rejoice, giggle, and "here we go".

Hungry looks more like full than hungry to me - my kids at least get very grumpy when they're hungry.

Aunt LoLo

I love guilty, uh-oh and fly away!!


I am a reformed lawyer -- and if you were a lawyer you would STILL be writing the book just it would never make it to paper (too little time!) Every lawyer I know wants to write a book...seems to be an unwritten requirement!

Off to checkout the sketches...


Ok didn't realize I would leave TWO comments...I LOVE giggle, reading and reach out.

I am not sure if the book is for kids or adults but the twins really liked looking at the pictures...matter of fact I had to look a couple of times for them. They liked them all no real favorites!


Here we go, reaching out, and reading are my top three. However, I enjoyed your sketchy style very much so it was a tough choice.

Is the book for children or adults? You didn't give too much information on the topic. If I might make a suggestion, Forward Motion Writer's is a great (and free) resource for writers at all stages of development. If you ever make it over there, my id is artdreamlife.


Good luck with the book. I know how tough it can be as I am in the same boat myself!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your tip!


Hi I like "guilty", "annoyed", and "reading."

They seem the most genuine to me!

-- Laurie


I like your sketches alot. There's not one I didn't like. I read a post yesterday about the writing process that I thought was terrific. I'm betting you were right there when your wife was in labor so it will make sense: http://refreshmoments.com/2009/04/pushing-through-pain.html


Hi Mike-
Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)
I love "giggle" and "annoyed" the best; and around my place, I am all too familiar with the "here we go again" look; I get that look most days, being the parent of a 13 year old.
Looks like you are well on your way with the book! Bravo!

Heather of the EO

What does it say about me if my favorites are

I love them all though, really. Love the style and the colors.


You are so talented! My favorite sketches are reading and rejoice, but they all are quite good. So did you decide if the book will be about "boogers"? If it is I'll definitely need a copy for my son!


The last one about the 3 year old really tickled me. Good luck with your book!


Thanks for the vote!!


They are all so cute!! I love all the ones that you can see his little belly button!!


I love the pictures, they're great! And they make you (me) smile!

Muthering Heights

Oh my...they're all so sweet! I like them all! I'm sorry that's not helpful...


Oh man, "Stubborn" is most definately my son! That could be his portrait if you gave him dark drown hair.


Keep at it ... I think it is so exciting that you are doing it!

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