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December 27, 2009



hehe cute ... my kids are not watching tv with commercials yet but they et all zombie like when they watch too much!

Hope your holiday season has been great!



ads are so fascinating for kids, I remember loving them.


Oh that is so cute, lol! I remember my son watching me take money out with a debit card and the next time he wanted something he told me that all I had to do was go to the bank and get some money! Have a Happy New Year!


We have a DVR so they don't see too many commercials. But if they happen to see one that's a movie preview they'll ask to go. That's too funny aboutthe colorox!


I know my two year old is watching too much TV when she has an HOUR LONG meltdown because I turned off Little Bear at dinner time. She missed dinner and bath and went to bed a sobbing heap of pitiful. No more Little Bear for a while! They don't have twelve step programs for this stuff.

Butterfly Mama

Cute! My kids get extra whiny and uncooperative when the tv is on too much!

Have a very Happy New Year!



My son dragged me into the room last Christmas and said he had to show me this commercial with something he KNEW I'd LOVE.

It was Snuggle laundry detergent. I am still not amused.


Oooh....I get that a lot from my 5 years old too. She'll tell me what brand of toothpaste or biscuits to get when we're grocery shopping!!!

Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your family.


We don't have TV connection, haven't had it for years, so my daughters only watch DVDs. I find I can control how much or how little and what they watch more easily. But they can still occasionally watch too much, especially on vacation or when it's bad weather.

My 10-year old the other day asked me if The O.C. was a true story. I was happy she asked because I could reassure her that it wasn't and it was all made up. I hope that will help her keep detached when she watches TV, because they are not real people.

all or nothing book

Yeah, Tv is very informative but also the media and entertainment is one way that these have acquired violence, sex from an early age.

For me books are more great than this Tv.


TV has become part of my 5 yr old's life! Luckily he watches more kid's channel than HBO.


You know when your child has watched too much TV when she starts to behave like a character from a TV program and you don't know where that comes from until you see it!!!

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